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Big Plays in the Big Game
By Ryan Buchan, Islanders Staff Writer
June. 28, 2008

Salinas, Calif. – Two undefeated teams did battle on Saturday and the Islanders emerged as the champions once again. Not only did the Islanders win but they dominated in their second championship game of the season with a 41-7 victory. This time it was for the California state title.

The Pacifica attack started out strong, taking a 21-0 lead by the end of the 1st quarter. the Spartans looked to shut down running back Jarmar Julien, like many teams the Islanders played this season, often moving eight or nine people into the box. When that happened the Islanders went deep and usually succeeded. Nick Iano scored the first touchdown of the game with a 58 yard reception, where he burned the only defender. “It’s the qb’s read if he calls an audible, we get to have some fun,” Iano said. Iano caught another long ball for 56 yards later on in the quarter, but he was taken down one yard short from the score.

With the passing game being effective the Spartans were forced to change there game plan which allowed Julien to weave through the defense on a 24 yard run for the score. “We just had to take what they gave us,” quarterback, Jason Piccolotti, said. Julien also pounded the ball in after the Iano came up just short. After the first quarter was over it was obvious who the champion would be. Piccolotti’s “accuracy added a lot in the 1st quarter push. With Jay setting the tone it’s hard to come back,” offensive coordinator, John Kirby, said.

On the other side of the ball the Islanders did not disappoint, giving nightmares to everyone who held the ball for the Spartans. Tommie Pratt, Chenuto “Noodles” Lorenzetti, Danny Burgett, Chauncey Ako, Cisco Lutu, and the rest of the Islander defensive line was in the backfield all day. Pacifica sacked the quarterback six times. “No one in Cali or the nation can mess with our defense,” Lutu said. Pratt who has missed most of the season due to injury played terrific and helped an already dominant defensive line. I “Just focused, got off the ball and shot the gaps,” Pratt said.

The Islanders delivered bone crushing hits throughout the game. On a punt return, Ako decleated a Spartan defender, which helped spring a 34 yard return. Early in the second half Spartan tailback was dancing through defenders until he met Ben Unutoa who gave him a quick trip to the turf.

The defense did not give up the first score until late in the game when they already had a 35 point lead. The Islanders hope to carry the momentum of another blowout championship victory, into the Minor League Football Alliance Spring National Championship on July 26 versus the El Paso Brawlers. “We rebounded from a tough game last week, showed a lot of heart, executed well, played the system and did what we had to do to win,” head coach, Jack Burgett, said.



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