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Minor League Football Returns to Pacifica

Jan. 1, 2008

The new 2008 Islanders will make Pacifica their home town.  Thus marking the return of Minor League Football to the area.  After many years without a team in Pacifica the Islanders hope to continue the winning ways of their predecessors the Pacifica Outlaws. The Outlaws won many championships in their day and the Islanders hope to continue that tradition.  The coaching staff and front office will have some Outlaw alumni assisting in operations along with an experienced group of coaches and players. Many of them Pacifica natives.

The mission of the Islander organization is to provide support to the youth in the Pacifica Community and to bring high quality football entertainment to the fans in Pacifica and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Islanders provide adult athletes the opportunity to continue to play organized football. The Islanders owners, coaches and players provide solid role models for the youth throughout the Pacifica Community.

In 2008 the Pacifica Islanders are committed to raising both funds and awareness for our local youth athletes, sports teams and leagues. We hope to provide alternatives to street life for our local kids and to provide them with the activities and guidance they need to stay away from increasing peer pressure, drugs and gangs.




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